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Englische Weihnachtsgedichte für die Grundschule



Englische Weihnachtsgedichte für die Grundschule

How A Little Bee Discovered Christmas

Deep within the Christmas Tree
awakes a little Summer Bee.
The buzzing little honey bummer
worked all through the bright hot Summer.

Fell asleep when all turned cold,
slept and slept in its green vault …
Didn’t see the tree get chopped.
– Imagine how it must be shocked

To be amidst bright christmas balls
tinsel, crosses, children’s calls,
colored angels, silvery stars,
gift wrap paper, candy bars.

Suddenly the bee smells honey.
Look the cake is sweet and runny.
Broom and zoom it risks its life!
Broom and zoom it takes a dive!

And oh that tastes like liquid gold….
careful though! don’t be too bold!
But oh! a kid cries „Mommy, Mommy,
look a bee stuck in the honey!“

No time to spare, forget the sweets!
The bee flies back until it meets
the saving twigs of her old tree
and suddenly felt christmass-y.

24 Days of Waiting

For as long as I remember
the first day of December
is a very special day.

We all start counting days
below the star’s bright rays
– a beautiful foray.

When the first week is over
it’s getting slighly colder
and candles burn away.

The second week goes by,
excitement running high
and some things go astray.

And when the third week passed
secrets were amassed…
– you hear the tension bray.

During the final week
the children all get meek
and smiles are on display.

And when it’s finally there
the Christmas Day fanfare
the holy ship’s aweigh

to everyone’s hurray.

At Last he Wait is Over

Christmas Time has Come,
we waited all so long:
now everybody’s cheering.

At last the wait is over:
rare as a five-leaf clover,
the christ child is appearing.

Once a Year

The roast is in the oven
the gifts below the tree
the family together
just love and peace – no fee.

It’s… Christmas Time

It rustles and swishes
and all the good whishes
are filling the air.

It sparkles and twinkles
and ribbons with crinkles
are everywhere.

There’s drumming and bugles
and chanting and chorals
– a beautiful blare.

It’s scenting and fragrant:
baked apples with cinnamon
and tasty Eclairs.

It swooshes and whooshes
the place full of rushes:
Christmas is there.

Christmas Noise

When the Christ child comes
the children are sleeping
and still are the roads and the homes
and no one is bleeping.

When the kids awaken
the noises will shaken
the halls and the walls
with the most joyous shrieking.

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Seit dem Jahr 2010 veröffentliche ich auf Sprüche, Gedichte, Geschichten, Lieder und vieles mehr rund um das Weihnachtsfest. Das Fest der Liebe bedeutet mir sehr viel, deshalb macht mir das Mitwirken an dieser Webseite sehr viel Spaß.

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