Weihnachtssprüche auf Englisch

Every year with joy I see
all that lovely Christmas trees,
but nothing I find more exciting
than the little childrens‘ smiling.

When it’s cold outside and the snow is falling,
I’m hearing voices of angels calling,
they’re singing from the evening to the morn,
that the day is near, when Jesus was born.

All those little, modest wishes,
the opulent, culinary dishes,
decorated Christmas trees
are healing me from my souls‘ disease.

Jesus Christ, the baby child,
is lying in the crib asleep,
and his Mother Mary smiles,
her love touches me so deep.

For Christmas time I’m wishing you
only the very best,
that all your dreams will soon come through,
enjoy and have a rest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
I wish to you from far, my dear,
please do not cry a single tear,
because very soon I will be here.

Winter is now in my heart,
winter is also outside,
I am so lonely, far apart,
but for Christmas I’ll be by your side.

When the world is frozen
and snow falls to the ground,
have presents by a dozen
and all your friends around.
No nicer time to be
than with a cup of tea,
and Christmas anticipation
has deeply moved the nation.

If you listen very hard,
you’ll hear the angels sing,
and if you read this Christmas card,
you’ll know, you’re my everything.

There is a special time in the year,
that puts a spell on us,
the Christmas time, that dries all tears,
as in the Lord we trust.

Snowflakes are swirling through the air
and I hear Christmas sounds,
no time to suffer, or to scare,
the Lord is all around.

Christmas pudding, Christmas cakes,
carriages and snowflakes,
presents and some hot spiced wine,
there is no time like Christmas time.

Something very, very special lies now in the air,
winter rules the world with ice, but warm hearts, they care.
Someone very, very special is now at your side
and He rules your world so nice, Jesus Christ is there.

Dear, I write you to remember,
right now in this cold December,
that my heart is yours forever,
that forsake you I will never,
and at Christmas evening
I’ll come to your door to ring.

Dry your tears, please do, sweet mother,
in the crib there lies your child,
I will never adore another,
than your son, our Lord, so mild.

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