Weihnachtswünsche in Englisch

If you are the one who loves to give, you will be the biggest gift for christmas.

Christmas eve is coming and brings us a lot of warmth
Love, friends and family – without any harm
Love to being just together – Children playing in the snow
I wish that this would be forever – the best part in the year, I know

The angel choir is singing – soft and sweet and tender
The christmas bells are ringing – it is the end of the calender
In the whole house – a very sweet smell
Waiting for Santa Claus – it sounds like being in a chapel
Merry Christmas

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old.
It doesn’t matter if you are small or tall.
Christmas time means being together.
Merry Christmas

When Rusty the snowman is looking through your window,
it’s time to sing a christmas carol and being with your family.
Merry Christmas

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had no shoes.
It sold match sticks on the road just to make her little brother a warm and lovely christmas eve.
Merry Christmas

For christmas eve I wish you love.
You are my angel sent up from above.
I don’t want to have gifts, I don’t need chocolate – if I can be with you on christmas eve.
Merry Christmas

You are far away from me – I send you sweet candies
I hope you will have a sweet christmas and thinking of me.
Merry Christmas

Knock, knock at the door
Santa Claus is standing before
He got a very big bag
I hope you are glad
It is all for you
And my love too
Merry Christmas

Orange, walnuts and gingerbread
I can hear the ringing bells
Candle light and snow outside
Christmas eve is coming tonight
Merry Christmas

Little angel from up above
fly fast to my big love
send them peace and happiness
I will be there more fast then less
It is the christmas eve tonight
Please guide me with your light
So I can be with my family
And sharing the lovely time we need.
Merry Christmas

The snow is falling and Rudolph is singing
Can you hear the bells are ringing
Tonight is the night and We are all together
In peace and love forever
Merry Christmas

If you have been nice the whole year
Santa Claus will come with his raindeer
And maybe he got a little gift for you
You will be happy and thankful
Merry Christmas

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